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DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 DP409


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DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 DP409 The DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 replaces the Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues and the DiMarzio VirtuAL 2 bridge model. It 's a hot bridge pickup with a strong attack in the bridge position, and its Alnico 2 magnets allow it to work very well in the neck position as well, for players who want a very warm, round sound.

Recommended For: Bridge; can also be used in neck and middle.

Tech Talk: The same technology that allowed DiMarzio to create the pure vintage Strat sound of the DiMarzio Area 58 DP415 can also be used to design a much heavier pickup. The Heavy Blues 2 has more mids and lows while still possessing outstanding pick attack. This also makes it an excellent pickup for the arpeggios and sweep picking classical metal players prefer, because it does not become muddy even with high gain.


Wiring Four Conductor
Magnet Alnico 2
Output 170mV
DC Resistance 8.60K
Year of introduction 2006
Patent # 4442749 & 5908998