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DiMarzio X2n 7 DP705


 What is the story with 7-string guitarists? They always want more; more strings, more bass response, more notes to play with, and of course, more power. Okay, we got the message. The X2N-7 is the answer. If you are looking for pretty sound, do not go here. If you are looking for pretty crazy, this is it. Like the original 6-string model, the X2N-7 is ridiculously loud, but we have totally redesigned the coils to capture the entire frequency response of all 7 strings. And for players who experience occasional moments of sanity, the parallel humbucking and split-coil modes are available for cleaner and quieter sounds.

Recommended For: Bridge position, solid body guitars

Tech Talk: We were concerned that a pickup as hot as the X2N would make the seventh string sound too muddy, but we have recently come up with a new way to use our dual resonance coil design to solve the problem. There is a tremendous amount of power focused on the center of the guitar frequency range, but spreading out the tuning of the two coils allows the sound to open up more than a standard high-output pickup could, and this also allows the seventh string to stay relatively tight.


Wiring Four Conductor
Magnet 5.5
Output 510mV
DC Resistance 13.97K
Year of introduction 2006