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DLS Chorus Waves Stereo Chorus Pedal


 Welcome to the lush warm chorusing of the DLS Chorus Waves! Experience the versatility of thick to transparent chorusing and everything in between. There are 2 output choices; OUTA is more organic sounding, while OUTB is mildly brighter sounding. Use either output for mono, or both for a complimentary beautiful lush stereo sound. The Width control dials in a variety of chorus sounds from spacious 3D sounds, to compressed thickening chorus. Crank up the Depth to get deep chorus or pitch bending Vibrato, or increase the Rate for a hint of Rotary Speaker swirl. The Blend pot mixes in as much analog instrument with lush Chorus Waves as desired. Although a transformer is included, a worry free 9VDC input can accept and polarity from a pedal board supply! Smaller can be better - measuring at only 5L x 4W x 2.5H. This effect is true bypass, constructed using a heavy steel enclosure, steel switches, and steel pots to withstand every road environment. DLS products are all custom crafted in the USA! So why the name Chorus Waves? Chorus waves are electromagnetic wave emissions generated by electrons around the Earth's radiation belt, generating quasi-musical sounds. Sounds are created by geomagnetic storms which are responsible for auroras. DLS Chorus waves are out of this world!

  • Blend: Analog instrument stays analog, blends in chorus to taste
  • Width: Set to thicken or tighten up chorus sound (expansive wide chorus to compressed chorus)
  • Stereo outputs for lush, full chorusing
  • Depth: Controls the depth of the chorus
  • Rate: Controls the speed chorus (~.4hz to 11hz)
  • Internal OUTA pot: Volume output on OUTA (from mild to boost levels)
  • Internal INA Pot: Adjusts the input gain level of Input A
  • Rate LED: Green LED blinks at the Rate of the chorus
  • On/Off Switch: Engages the effect when ON, Switched bypass when OFF.
  • 9VDC input, any polarity (Worry free if using your 9 volt pedal board supply)
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA by engineers who are also musicians
  • Every effect is tested by an engineer/musician
  • True Bypass Switching


  • Blend Analog instrument stays analog, blends in chorus to taste
  • WidthSet to thicken or tighten up chorus sound (expansive wide chorus to compressed chorus)
  • DepthControls the depth of the chorus
  • RateControls the speed chorus (~.4hz to 11hz)
  • On/Off Footswitch: True Bypass Footswitch to select between straight guitar and Chorus effects.


  • Technology: Analog and digital electronics
  • Outputs: Output A (Normal), Output B (Bright)
  • Power: 9vdc, 60ma, 2.1mm jack (DC adapter included)


  • Enclosure: Solid heavy gauge steel (4W x 5D x 2.5H)
  • Controls: Steel switches, pots, and ¼ jacks