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DNA Analogic Mr. Eight ME-1 Portable Power Supply

DNA Analogic

 While not as glamorous as an overdrive or a phaser, a reliable , portable power supply is an essential piece of gear for a gigging musician. Mr. Eight is a new take on the multi-supplies that have hit the market over the past few years, and it offers something completely unique in the field of powering pedals.

Mr. Eight is a cordless power supply that runs of an internal, rechargable battery. It can provide power to eight effects with a total current draw of 300 mA for up to 4 hours of continuous use. Mr. Eight also features an internal voltage stabilizer which assures clean, consistent power to your effects at all times. With Mr. Eight the user can plug in and play anywhere in the world with reliable, noise-free performance!

Mr. Eight features six 9V DC power outputs as well as two "Dry" outputs. The Dry outputs run at slightly lower voltage and are designed for powering overdrive and distortion units to achieve the "sag" associated with a worn-out 9 volt battery. In addition, Mr. Eight comes with (you guessed it) eight jumper cables to connect your effects as well as a 9 volt AC adaptor to charge the unit.

Portable, Reliable, Rechargeable - Mr. Eight is an essential member of any touring band!