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Dr J Armor Buffer D-57

Dr. J

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Dr J Armor Buffer D-57

Dr J designed the Armor Buffer to preserve your tone.

The ingenious Dr J pedal combines buffer and booster together in one true bypass pedal. The buffer circuit reduces tone and dynamic loss caused by long cables, multiple FX pedals, or TRUEBYPASS connections. The Armor Buffer features 2 built-in groups: In Buffer supports more effective and closer connections between your guitar and effect chain, keeping the original signal in the effects loop at maximum level; Out Buffer connects between effect chain and amp, allowing your output signal reach to your amp system perfectly. In addition, the Armor Buffer adds a boost controlled by foot switch, providing you with an extra 20dB of gain.

The Armor Buffer proves to be the firmest fortress for preserving your tone.

Product Information

Gain add up to 20dB of gain
Boost Switch engages boost
2 Buffer Groups for near and far connections
Switching True Bypass
Dimensions (HxWxD) 38 x 96 x 88mm
Weight 350g
Model Dr J D-57 Armor Buffer