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Dr. J Green Crystal Overdrive D50

Dr. J

Dr. J Green Crystal Overdrive

Green Crystal Overdrive gives you a crystal-clear and transparent overdrive. This is product of years of tireless & and again tireless research in pursuit of the true vintage overdrive pedal tone, Dr. J brings you the Green Crystal Overdrive.

This compact pedal delivers the characteristic overdrive tone of tube amplifiers: clear, transparent, warm and natural with a dynamic feel without the compression. High and Low frequency knobs, 3 options for diode clipping, and great adjustable tone range. You'll love the broad and natural range of frequency response.

True Bypass design minimizes tone loss.

Product Details

Drive level of drive
3 way switch 3 clipping stages
Low controls low tones
highs controls high tones
Output adjust level of output
Switching True Bypass
Dimensions (HxWxD) 28 x 96 x 88mm
Weight 350g
Model Dr J D-50 Green Crystal Overdrive