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DVK technologies The HairBall – Dual pedal – Overdrive / Booster

DVK Technologies

The HairBall is a dual function pedal featuring our take on a classic overdrive and booster. Angry and aggressive all in one!

The HairBall truly takes the concept of Overdrive & Boost as a combination to near insane levels. The drive is quite high in gain with a custom voiced tone circuit. It also cleans up nicely and responds well to your picking style and guitar volume setting.

The boost is where things get a little crazy. Massive level increase is possible & you can select Full Range or Treble Boost to suit your taste. The Booster has a Full Range/Treble toggle so you can focus its frequency at upper mids to help you cut through the mix. The Boost can be used on its own or stacked into the Overdrive circuit. Stacking it with the Overdrive will give you more drive. The Booster is also handy if you’re using an amp on the verge of breakup. In this case it will help to drive your amp even harder resulting in a full-on crunch – depending on how much Boost you have dialed in. (Up to 28dB).

The Overdrive is based on a tried and true ‘TS’ type circuit with a slightly tweaked tone stack to give it a unique sound. Its focus is at the midrange and treble end of the frequency sweep, designed to help you cut through the mix. There should be plenty of gain and volume on tap and the extra kick from the Boost will take you into singing lead territory.

The HairBall – dedicated to gagging cats everywhere!

  • Uniquely voiced Overdrive
  • Full range or Treble Boost
  • Stackable (Boost to OD)
  • Boost can push OD or amp
  • Old school tones en masse!