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Dytone Di' Ana Echo Digital Echo with two presets



The Dytone Di´Ana Echo is an echo with 2 presets in one stompbox!!!

The Di´Ana Echo is a digital echo with the sound of the good old - but heavy - analog echoes. It doesn't matter if you need short repeats for Rock´n Roll or longer ones for soft and creamy solo leads. The Di´Ana Echo with its 2 presets gives you all the flexibility you need.

For more extraordinary effects use an external potentiometer (pedal) to adjust Repeat 2.


  • Echo
  • 2 Presets
  • Solid Aluminum case with silkscreen print
  • Super Bright LED
  • Jack for connecting an external potentiometer (pedal > 50kOhm) with which you can adjust the Repeat.
  • Black velvet bag
  • The Di´Ana Echo requires a 12 V DC adapter. (Any stabilized 12 V DC power supply with a 2.1 mm barrel jack connector and negative center pin should work.) The adapter is not included with the pedal.

The Knobs and Their Functions

For each channel, there are 3 knobs - Effect, Delay, Repeat, which are positioned diagonally. The LEDs beside the Effect knobs indicate the active channel.

  • Effect 1/2 - Amount of Effect to clean signal
  • Delay - Delay time
  • Repeat - Number of repeats

Technical Data

  • Power Supply: 12V DC (negativecentre pin) - not included
  • Size: approximately 165 x 112.5 x 45 mm (6.5" x 4.4" x 1.8")
  • Weight approx.450g (1 lb.)