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Egnater Black Metal


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The Egnater Black Metal is a 100% pure analog high-gain distortion pedal that
summons everything from classic to modern metal. The High and Low EQ
knobs, coupled with Egnater’s signature Tight switch, allow the Black
Metal to handle lower tunings while staying tight and defined. The
built-in gate provides essential noise and feedback control for tight
rhythm playing. The Black Metal also features a foot-switchable midrange
section with Depth and Level controls. This midrange feature provides
complete reign over the vital mid frequencies. The Black Metal features a
solid zinc housing designed to withstand the abuse of the road.
Unique features: The “fast gate”
offers two sensitivity settings to accommodate your playing style.
Whether you are a hard hitting, aggressive player or a lighter player,
the gate will adjust to your style.

The footswitchable MID side of the pedal
(borrowed from our acclaimed Egnater Armageddon amp), will radically
alter the critical midrange from severely scooped for heavy rhythm to a
boosted midrange for more cut, especially for solos. Of course, this
feature is footswitchable so you can preset two very different sounds to
recall “on the fly”.

Our unique low battery monitor is one of the
hidden “gems” in our new Egnater pedals. Not only does the LED
indicator warn you of a low battery condition by flashing at an
increasing rate as the battery voltage drops, but if the battery becomes
too weak for proper operation, the pedal will bypass itself and all the
lights flash to alert you. Our switching circuits are “true bypass”
using very high quality sealed relays so you will never be surprised by a
dead battery interrupting your performance again.

Distortion Specifications

• Volume and Gain Controls

• High and Low Tone Controls

• Low EQ: +8dB / -10dB @ 180Hz Passive

• High EQ: +6dB / -8dB @ 4KHz Passive

• Tight Switch -6dB/octave rolloff at 110Hz

• Gate with Selectable Hard (-36dbV) or Soft Threshold (-46dbV)

Midrange specifications

• Depth Range: -18dB to +15dB @ 400Hz Active

• Level Range: -10dB to +8dB Active