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EMG-40J Active Single Coil Jazz Style Soapbar Pickup for 5-String Bass


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 EMG created the Extended Series Bass Pickups to satisfy extreme bass string spacing requirements while delivering all the responsiveness and quietness that EMG is known for.

The EMG-40J model uses a single coil design which has a less powerful low end but a more prominent midrange. Featuring a very low ratio of resistance to inductance that increases the low frequency response, the EMG-40J still maintains the narrow aperture for that typical Jazz Bass tone. This pickup uses a 40 Extended housing that is 4 inches (102mm).

Package Includes: EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect„ cable, prewired solid shaft volume/tone control set, output jack, battery clip set, and adjustment screws.


Logo Color: Silver
Resonant Frequency (Khz) 4.8
RMS Output Voltage 0.8
Peak Output Voltage 1.10
Output Noise (dBV) -91
Output Impedance (Kohm) 10
Current @ 9V (Microamps) 80
Battery Life (Hours) 3000
Max Supply Voltage (VDC) 27
Max String Width (Inches) 3.125