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The White version is not the newer solderless type...it will require soldering.

Truly two pickups in one; single and dual-coil with two separate outputs. With the single flip of a switch you can change from the crunch of a humbucker to the clarity of a single-coil. Using alnico magnets, the single-coil mode is like that of the EMG-SA, and the humbucking is patterned after the EMG-85. The tone modes can be selected with the included push-pull volume control switch or with a mini-toggle.

The EMG-89 Dual Mode Pickup has been through two generations. The original Dual-mode (EMG-DM) design was incredibly sophisticated for its time (1979). The DM was an 18-Volt model with a single output available only in an Alnico magnet version. The EMG-DM was abandoned in late 1985, but the concept was revived early in 1989 when EMG came upon a more innovative design featuring "two pickups in one", the current EMG-89.

Inside the EMG-89 pickup are both single and dual-coil pickups, each with it's own output. The single-coil mode is an Alnico loaded stacked EMG-SA. The dual-coil mode consists of two Alnico loaded coils opposite one another creating a pickup similar to the EMG-85. The push/pull volume (or tone) pot allows you to change from the clarity of a single-coil to the fatness of a humbucking. The EMG-89's separate outputs give you option to utilize EMG tone enhancing accessory circuits on either pickup output.

Virtually noiseless in both modes, it can also be used with several EMG accessories such as the EMG-SPC, EMG-EXG expander, or the PA2 preamp booster.


The EMG Model 89 is a Dual Mode pickup. It can be switched from a single coil pickup to a humbucking pickup 

Logo Color: Copper
Output Impedance (Kohm) 10
Current @ 9V (Microamps) 160
Battery Life (Hours) 1500
Single Coil Humbucker
Resonant Frequency (kHz)



RMS Output Voltage


Peak Output Voltage


Output Noise (dBv)