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EMG-AB After Burner Variable Gain Booster



The AB (Afterburner) is a push/pull booster with up to 20dB of preset variable gain, perfect for having fun with clean overdrive and distortion. It works with both active and passive pickups, uses rail-to-rail technology, and is easy to install. If you're a lead player, the Afterburner is for you.

  • The EMG-AB Variable Gain Booster will boost the signal of any pickup up to +20dB.
  • Will work with active or passive pickups.
  • Converts a guitar equipped with passive pickups (high impedance) to a low impedance output. Variable pre/setable gain: With the push/pull pot in the "down" position there is no boost in effect. In the "up" position the signal is boosted with the amount of gain set by the rotation of the pot.
  • Allows use of a longer cable.
  • Improves high frequency response.
  • Great for home recording.

The EMG-AB After Burner includes:

  • Connectors for easy installation.
  • Battery clip, output jack, black knob, and allen wrench.
  • Instructions and diagrams for installation.



Output Noise (dBV) -106
Output Impedance (ohm) 2K
Input Impedance (ohm) 500K
Gain (dB) Up to +20
Current @ 9V (Microamps) 195
Battery Life (Hours) 1425
Maximum Supply Voltage 18V