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For EMG pickups only. The EMG-BQS system features a pre-wired balance control (blend) and master volume with separate bass and treble pots along with the concentric mid-control (stacked). All the EQ controls and balance control feature center detents.


The BQ systems bring the studio to your bass. EMG uses dual-pole constant-Q filter sections for tighter bandwidth control and extremely low noise. The best feature of the BQ Systems is a concentric Midrange control with adjustable frequency range from 300 to 3kHz and up to 12 dB boost or cut. Now you can custom tailor the sound of your bass at the frequency you choose. It's like having a recording studio EQ in your bass.

The Treble and Bass controls are custom designed and sloped exclusively for bass. EMG even included a "high end dip switch" on the circuit board for presetting the high frequency EQ point for your individual instrument.

All the BQ Systems are available in five different formats so you can match your existing control set up on your bass and install a system without modification. Or, if you're starting from the ground up you can get a BQ system complete with master volume and balance controls.

Package Includes: All knobs included.


Output Noise (dBV) Gray
Resonant Frequency (Khz) -96
Output Impedance (Ohms) 200
Current @ 9v (Milliamps) 1.5
Battery Life (Hours) 170
Low Equalization (db) ±10
High Equalization (db)  ±12
Mid Equalization (db) ±12
Max Supply Voltage ( DC Volts) 27