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 All The S2 Pickup is the prototypical Strat style pickup. If you're looking for true single coil tone, this is it. The highs are bright and peaky, with just the right mix of mids. The low end is clear and bright, but is there when you need it. Using EMG's exclusive construction, this pickup uses the stacked construction to its full potential. Bright, quiet, and plenty of output.

All EMG HZ Pickups are fully shielded for a minimum of noise. String grounding is recommended for minimizing noise. Coils are fully impregnated for quiet performance. The EMG-HZ logo appears on the top of each pickup. EMG-HZ Pickups are made in Santa Rosa, CA, USA.

Available in black.


S2 Single-Coil 0.7" (12mm) x 2.75" (70mm) exclusive of mounting tabs

Inductance (Henries) 2.38
DC Resistance (K ohm) 6.60
Resonant Frequency Hz (1) 2850
Resonant Frequency Hz (2) 4400
Z@ Resonance (K ohm) (1) 42.5

(1) Loaded with 500K V & T pots with 20' cable (750pf)
(2) Loaded with 1 Meg Ohm/47pf