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EMG Pickups EMG-AmpJak EMG-AJ93 Complete Acoustic Active Pickup/Preamp System


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 The EMG AmpJak is a stand alone pickup/preamp system. The AmpJak models AJ93 includes the AJ93 Pickup along with a custom preamp that's mounted directly to EMG's own UltraJak. The AmpJak systems are stereo and when used with the APA-2 preamp that is included can be mixed with the EMG-ACS or other EMG Acoustic Products. The Ultrajak is the simplest of all endpin jacks to install, just a turn of an internal screw and it's mounted. The AT-93 pickup is for a saddle slot width of 3/32.

The AmpJak features a specially designed preamp that has a low-frequency rolloff at 18dB per octave to remove the "boom" from your acoustic guitar.

In addition, a subtle low mid-range contour enhances the overall tone. The result is great acoustic tone, that's natural and open. A trimpot is located on the board to let you adjust the output. A unique canvas battery bag holds the battery and conveniently fastens anywhere inside the instrument. Instructions and diagrams are included for easy installation, although we recommend installation by a skilled repairman.