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EMG Pickups EMG-KH21 Pro Series Kirk Hammett


EMG-KH21 Kirk Hammett first visited EMG back in the early 80's when Metallica was a local group on the rise. This system is a simple EMG-81/ 81 combination wired straight up with two volumes and a master tone. Lean and mean. The sheer volume and amount of sound coming from the Metallica stage is incredible. The demands made on every piece of gear are extreme, it's no wonder Kirk has come to rely on EMG. The KH21 features a pearl laminate pickguard complimented with black dome knobs.  81/81 Black 2 Volume & 1 tone Pot White Pearl Pickguard Black Knobs Kirk Hammett.

WARNING - Your standard Strat-style body will probably require routing to accommodate the humbucking pickups.

Package Includes: Prewired to the specifications of each artist. Complete and ready to mount to your guitar.


Two EMG-81 humbuckers
Three-way selector switch
Individual volume knobs for each pickup
Master passive tone control
Deluxe Pearl White pickguard with black knobs
Battery clip and switching output jack

Also, be sure to check out the Pro Series KH20 System. This companion system features the same EMG-81 at the bridge, with two EMG-S Strat pickups for a little more tone flexibility.