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G Lab Tidy Chorus TCH1

G Lab

G Lab Tidy Chorus TCH-1 is a classic chorus effect with wide range of tone settings. Two sets of regulators and switches enable to set two chorus sounds switched by A/B footswitch. Very clear and deep chorus tone has been achieved thanks to MAX ANALOG technology what means that in the signal path are used discrete components and classic LFO and VCO analog circuit innovatively controls the 24 bits DSP processor. The FAT +X and FAT +XX switches enable to match the „weight” of the chorus tone. MIX switch let you choose the chorus effect sound ‘saturation’. RATE and DEPTH regulators enable to keep the optimal proportions. TCH-1 features clickless (based on optical elements) True Bypass and can be controlled via MIDI. TCH-1 can be used also with bass guitars.

TCH-1 should be connected to the amp effect loop before delay and reverb type effects. GAIN switch and PEAK indicators enable to match the chorus sensitivity to the signal.

If you use for overdriven tones only the stompboxes (not the overdriven amp channel) the TCH-1 should be connected after overdrive and distortion effects and before delay and reverb effects.

Wide range of chorus tone settings makes the TCH-1 very flexible. To make the TCH-1 setting more easy the unit features DEPTH compensation while changing effect ‘weight’ by FAT switches. It features also signal level compensation while changing the MIX signal proportion.

Below are shown the examples of RATE and DEPTH chorus parameters. Please notice that setting the low speed of the modulation requires setting the high depth of the modulation and vice versa. Follow the rule: RATE + DEPTH = 10 for standard choruses and for getting the Leslie type effect (the best result with the crunch tone) it is needed to set RATE from 8 to max and DEPTH from 3 to 5 following the rule: RATE + DEPTH = 13 or even 14.