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Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal

Gamechanger Audio

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Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal


High Voltage Distortion Pedal Featuring Electric Discharge in a Xenon Tube

-The heaviest, dirtiest distortion ever created*
-Eliminates pickup hum and unwanted feedback
-Hear more notes in a chord than in other drives
-Unique distortion with its character and texture
-See your signal expressed as Electricity...

Suitable and designed to use with guitars, bass, synthesizers and drum machines.

Simplified Wet Signal Chain:
Input -> (EQ if on) -> Transformer to High Voltage -> Xenon Tube -> Antenna that picks up the electromagnetic vibrations surrounding the Tube -> (EQ if off) -> Blend with Clean -> Output

Product Details:

User’s manual: https://www.gamechangeraudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Plasma_Pedal_Manual.pdf

Power supply is not included. Plasma Pedal uses standard 9V DC center negative pedal power supply of at least 250 mA.

The expected life of the xenon tube is 10,000 to 70,000 hours of active playing. The xenon tube is replaceable.

Simplified Wet Signal Chain:
Input -> (EQ if on) -> Transformer to High Voltage -> Xenon Tube -> Antenna that picks up the electromagnetic vibrations surrounding the Tube -> (EQ if off) -> Blend with Clean -> Output


Input Type

1/4” Unbalanced TS

Input Impedance


Max Input Level

7Vpp (+10dBu)

Output Type

1/4” Unbalanced TS

Output Impedance


Max Output Level

7Vpp (+10dBu)

Power connector

Center negative 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug (the standard 9V)

Frequency Response

20Hz to 22kHz


True bypass foot-switch button, Potentiometers: BLEND, VOLTAGE, VOLUME, LOW FREQ, HI FREQ, CLAEN EQ toggle switch


Check indicator white LED


IN, OUT, DC input

Power Requirements

300mA, 9VDC

Peak Power Consumption

2.7 W

Mean Power Consumption

1 W

Power Consumption while silent

0.025 W


LWH 148 x 96 x 70 mm / 5.1 x 3.8 x 2.8 in


840 g / 1.8 lbs


Extended Description

The PLASMA Pedal is a revolutionary way of producing distortion by converting your instrument’s signal into a series of high-voltage plasma discharges in a sealed xenon filled tube.

The result is an incredibly sharp and sizzling overdrive that is extremely clear, responsive, and most importantly fun! This patent-pending technology of high-voltage electric discharge also acts as a natural noise-gating device that creates strong contrasts between staccato notes, as well as eliminating all unwanted noise and pick-up hum. The PLASMA Pedal’s electric discharge tube produces beautiful visible bolts of lightning that react to the input signal, thus creating a captivating experience for all players. In essence – you are playing a bolt of electricity.

Key Features

Natural Noise Gate

As soon as you stop playing the electrical discharge within the gas-filled tube is interrupted, and the pedal will not produce any output signal at all. This feature allows you to achieve extreme contrasts between individual notes, by eliminating all of the in-between noises created by the instrument’s pick-ups or by humming strings.


Blend in your clean sound or your already overdriven sound to produce unique dirty sounds. Experiment with gated PLASMA sound and unaffected clean sound mixed together. Put it even in your amps FX loop and use the blend knob.

Extremely Wide EQ

The PLASMA pedal loses the original dry input signal and creates a new signal from fluctuations in the electromagnetic field surrounding the gas-discharge tube. This allows for a very wide range of frequencies. Boost and cut the lows and highs with the dedicated knobs. The EQ can be switched to affect only the wet sound or dry sound, which is especially suitable for bass.

Unique Harmonic Saturation

PLASMA pedal converts your instrument’s signal into a rapid series of electric discharges, which results in a large amount of non-linear harmonic saturation that causes extremely rich and responsive attacks, and brings out screeching sharp overtones and harmonics. These harmonic artifacts, produced as a by-product of the high voltage discharge are uncommon in traditional signal amplification, and therefore PLASMA Pedal’s distortion is unlike anything you have heard before.