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Greedtone Tube Booster


Sold out.

The Greedtone Tube Booster is a tube driven pedal that will take your tone to the next level. It has Gain And Volume, and between the two you can dial up some Kick ass rock and roll tones. From a clean boost to a Dirty Overdrive.  Only for the person that truly knows how to take care of a amazing piece of Equipment.  Just don't step on the tube. No, seriously. Don't.


  • True-Bypass
  • Built-In Noise Reduction Circuitry
  • Fully Adjustable Volume and Gain
  • 100% Lead-Free Silver Solder
  • Silver Mica Caps (for cleaner highs)
  • Locking 9V-AC to DC Power Jack (twist-lock)
  • Ultra Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis
  • Long Lasting High Quality Pots
  • Solid Chromed-Brass Knurled Knobs (w/pos. indicators)
  • Hand-Wired Using
  • Silver wire with Teflon jacket
  • 12AX7 Tube