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Greer Amps Wind Humbucker Set

Greer Amps

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The Greer Amps | Porter Pickups Greer Wind Humbucker Set is the answer to questions that Nick has received for many years.  Nick used to hand wind pickups just for Greer Amps artists.  After years of requests from the public, Nick has partnered with Brian Porter, from Porter Pickups to release these beasts to the public.  Following the recipe from the original Greer humbuckers, Brian has created a faithful re-creation of the original Greer winds.  With unbalanced coils that are scatter wound, and lightly de-gaussed magnets, these pickups are exactly what the doctor ordered for your tonal needs!

  • Made by Porter Pickups, exclusively for Greer Amps
  • Wound to order, usually ship within 1-2 weeks.
  • Custom specs only found in the Greer Wind humbuckers.
  • Specs:  Neck: 7.5k, Bridge: 8.2k, some sets may vary slightly.
  • 4 conductor wire, for splitting coils.
  • Built to order, no returns or refunds.
  • Unpolished Nickel Covers