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Gurus Amps Power5000

Gurus Amps

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Gurus Amps Power5000

POWER 5000 Is the most powerful PSU you may desire, with his Total of 5000mA available, thanks to its 5 TWIN transformers inside. All really ISOLATED outs are low noise, regulated, protected on temperature, short circuit and current. Be sure to select the right OUT for your device, fitting the negative tip, the Voltage selection where possible (outs 5-8) or current tipe: DC/AC. Please note you may cause permanent damage to your devices with wrong powering.. If unsure, please contact us at sales@gurusamps.it for any information needed, or refer to www.gurusamps.com at Power5000 info page.

MAIN POWER INPUT: 100/117/240VAC 50/60Hz. (Japan, USA, EU/AUS), 50VA, FUSE 3A SLOW.
MAIN VOLTAGE SELECTOR: 115V fits 100V to 117VAC (Japan or USA) 230V Fits 220V to 240VAC (EU/AUS).
EMI/RF FILTER: 100-250V 3A
• 1,2,3,4 = 9,35VDC 500mA EACH.
• 5,6,7,8 = 9,35VDC 500mA EACH, or 12,5VDC 400mA EACH.
• 9 = 9,35VDC 1000mA with +/- 5% Adjust pot (dying battery simulation)
• 10 = 18VDC 200mA with +/- 5% Adjust pot (dying battery
• 11,12 = 12VAC 1000mA (max drain available for both outs)
Total: 5000mA available with all outs connected.(Outs 9, 11, 12 = 1000mA total drain
AC Outs 11,12 are protected with dedicated internal Fuse, the side Status LED indicates
if eventually fault when is OFF.
EMI/RF: Power 5000 is equipped with EMI/RF - IEC Filter to avoid any disturb.

DIMENSIONS: 380x105x50mm.
INCLUDED: 10 x DC2,1x5.5mm. male to male cables - 50cm.
POWER CORD: IEC/your country Plug.