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Guyatone MT-3 Micro Tuner


Sold out.

Guyatone MT-3 is a multi-function chromatic tuner that fits in the pocket of your gig bag and won't take up valuable space on your already-crowded pedalboard.

The MT-3 works just like any other stompbox - plug your instrument into the input, plug the output into your amp and you're rocking. The MT-3's stomp switch mutes the input signal for silent tuning in either on or off mode, performing double duty as a "kill" switch for your rig. The MT-3's advanced circuitry won't alter the tone of your instrument when bypassed. If you prefer tuning to a reference pitch, the MT-3 can generate tones over a one octave (13 notes - A4-A5) range that can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

All of these functions and more can be accessed quickly and easily through the MT-3's simple "One Touch" calibration. All four modes of operation can be reached by pushing a combination of the unit's Power, Mode, and Select buttons (see instructions for particular combinations).

The MT-3 has four primary modes of operation:

  • TUNE MODE - Tune by connecting your instrument to the MT-3.
  • SOUND MODE - Tune listening to standard signal (audio tone) from MT-3.
  • CALIBRATION MODE - Sets frequency of standard pitch (A = 440 Hz at original setting). A4 pitch can be selected between 437 Hz and 445 Hz (1 Hz intervals)
  • AUTO CALIBRATION MODE - Calibrates standard pitch (A4) from an external instrument (range is A4 = 437 Hz - 445 Hz)

The MT-3's ultra-bright, digital display is easily visible even on dark stages. The user can select either "bar" or "dot" tuning indicators for the two color, 9-segment LED display. The MT-3 can be powered from an internal 9-volt battery (included) or an external AC adapter. Like all Guyatone products, the MT-3 is covered by a full 3-year warranty.


Notes:   12 Equal tuning
Standard Pitch: A4 = 440 Hz
Calibration Range: A4 = 437 Hz to 445 Hz (1 Hz step)
Standard Signal: 13 notes A4 (440 Hz) to A5 (880 Hz)
Standard Oscillation: Quartz (4.00 MHz)
Measuring Range: A0 (27.5 Hz) to C8 (4186.0 Hz)
Tuning Guide Indication: -50 cents to +50 cents
Measuring Accuracy: +/- 1 cent
Power: 9V battery or 9V AC Adapter
Battery life: Manganese Battery = approx. 5 hours
Alkaline battery = approx. 20 hours
Dimensions: 2.75" W x 3.875" L x 1.5" H
Weight: 7.8 oz (including battery)
Accessories: 9V battery, User's Manual, Warranty Card