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IK Multimedia Tonex Capture

IK Multimedia

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IK Multimedia Tonex Capture

  • Three accessories in one: Tone Modeling, amp recording and reamplification
  • Connects your audio interface to your amps and cabinets with the correct signal level
  • Capture your amp tone pre-cabinet without the need for microphones or load boxes
  • Ground lift and galvanic isolation eliminate hum and noise
  • Ideal for capturing Tone Models, also the perfect tool for reamplification
  • Comes with TONEX SE (includes 200 Tone Models)

TONEX Capture is an all-in-one accessory that makes it easy to capture your real amp’s tone perfectly, with or without microphones. It’s the ideal way to tone model your gear using the TONEX software, but also the perfect
reamplification device.

There are two separate gain stages that allow you to adjust levels to and from your amp.

First, TONEX Capture connects to the output of your audio interface and allows you to feed that signal to your amp at just the right level using the left attenuation control.

Second, TONEX Capture connects to your amplifier’s line out (a speaker must be connected) or pedal output and allows you to feed that signal to your interface at the right level using the right attenuation control.

The end result is a pristine copy of your amp’s real tone, ready for TONEX modeling or any other use you can imagine.

TONEX Capture gives you the freedom to capture your rig any way you want. Connect your amp, combo or pedal to your audio interface and use the TONEX Machine Modeling software to create a high-quality Tone Model of your rig you can use anywhere.

  • TONEX Capture allows you to feed your amp with exactly the right signal using the left attenuation control
  • TONEX Capture “From Amp” circuit takes a copy of your amp’s direct output and safely sends it back to your audio interface’s input

Capturing the signal direct means you can record anywhere, without microphones or sound isolation. You can use TONEX’s and AmpliTube’s VIR™ technology to access hundreds of ultra-authentic virtual cabs and IRs to complete your tone.

Have access to a nice mic collection and recording space? You can also use TONEX Capture to capture your sound including your cabinet.

  • Connect TONEX Capture to your amplifier and audio interface as usual
  • Mic up your cabinet as you prefer using your interface or standalone mic preamps

Capture your rig’s exact tone without sacrificing flexibility. TONEX’s AI Machine Modeling is so advanced it can even remove the cabinet sound after the fact, letting you virtually audition other cabs and mics to see how they improve your tone.

The best of both worlds. Connect both direct amp and amp + cab for ultimate freedom to build the best guitar or bass tone.

  • Use both the TO AMP and FROM AMP circuits, plus mic up your cabinet
  • The TONEX software can capture either mic’d or direct signal for Tone Modeling

Since Capture’s FROM AMP circuit is totally passive, it won’t impact the load on your amp or color your tone in any way.

TONEX Capture makes it easy to tone model pedals, or just route your recordings through your pedal collection for analog color and warmth.

  • Connect your audio interface to a pedal using Capture’s TO AMP circuit
  • Send the pedal back to your interface’s instrument input

It’s that simple!

TONEX Capture includes access to ToneNET, letting you upload your favorite tones and download limitless free tones from other users around the world.

For some extra inspiration, it also includes 200 Premium Tone Model downloads and free access to user generated Tone Models.