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Jan Hirsch "On Butterfly Wings"

Independent Music

Accomplished Harpist and certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner, Jan Hirsch, released her latest CD of beautiful harp music. Calm and inspiring - Jan's performance and composition skills shine on her latest release. Price for CD includes shipping and handling within the US only.

“On Butterfly Wings” is a sound art concept of a transformative journey.  The butterfly has long been used as a symbol of transformation, death and resurrection. The CD begins with the flute symbolizing a butterfly in flight.   It is an invitation to travel in a new direction.   This flight allows us to see what has brought us beauty and peace and to see life as a flowing continuum.  The harp signals the acceptance of that journey.   The images are pastoral because it has been my experience to find great beauty in the earth.   The flowing of rivers to the sea is symbolic of returning to the source of all life and distant lands represent new experiences by which we are challenged.   The Bleak Mid-Winter is a feeling of solitude and sometimes despair which we face in our journey.   It can be pain, loss or fear of a new direction.   These emotions are expressed in the voice of the ‘cello whose deep sounds can resonate with the depth of our feelings.   This is the moment of embracing pain to gain a new wisdom and insight. The harp’s re-entry represents transcendence. Harp and chorus then lift us to a new state of being and seeing.  


The music is gentle and flowing.   It is neither classical nor experimental.   It is simple and comforting.   I have used familiar melodies to represent aspects of the journey and added new compositions where needed to complete the concept.     

 Jan Hirsch is a certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner and a graduate of the International Harp Therapy Program.