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JHS Pedals Space Commander

JHS Pedals

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JHS Pedals Space Commander

The JHS Space Commander let's you engage the perfect blend of a hall reverb, an '80s style chorus, and a great-sounding volume boost for fattening your tone or pushing your amp harder . And each effect has its own on/off mini toggle and level control, making dialing in the Space Commander an intuitive affair. The JHS Space Commander effects pedal places your tone at the inception of alternative rock with a single stomp of a switch.

The Space Commander pedal crams three musical effects into a stompbox that will fit comfortably on your pedalboard. The onboard volume boost adds dimension to your tone, making it as useful as an always-on tone enhancer as it is a clean boost. The Space Commander's chorus effect is based on the classic tones of '80s analog devices. And the hall-style reverb is perfect for adding '80s-style decay to your tone. 

Unlike many other multi-effects pedals, the JHS Space Commander pedal is an intuitive affair. You'll find three mini toggle switches on the face of the unit for engaging each effect. Once you've turned an effect on, that effect's rotary control brings the sound in and out of your dry tone. The knobs have been carefully tuned to only add in the most desirable and musical elements of each sound. And a single true-bypass footswitch engages the pedal. Just dial in what you want and turn it on. Simple.

  • Pedal Type:Multi-FX
  • Analog/Digital:Hybrid
  • Effects Types:Volume, Chorus, Reverb
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4"
  • True Bypass:Yes
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Power Usage:<100mA
  • Height:1.2"
  • Width:3.65"
  • Depth:4.65"