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Joe Barden J-Style Bass Pickup NOS

Joe Barden

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Joe Barden J-Style Bass Pickup NOS 

Joe Barden J-Style Bass pickups offer the same great Joe Barden tone, power, and response for the bass guitar as the ground breaking double-blade guitar pickups have done for 6 string guitars for the last 25 years.

Joe Barden J-Style pickups are designed to maintain authentic J-Bass™ tone and character but with extended frequency response and articulation that characterizes all Joe Barden pickups. And, like all other Joe Barden pickups, the J-Style pickups exhibit quiet performance for live performance or recording.

Now, bass players are free to tailor their sound more precisely than was possible with stock pickups, and can select one or both pickups without fear of noise or hum often induced by traditional single coil bass pickups.

Neck and bridge position pickups differ in size to fit into the cavities of traditional J-Bass and similarly styled guitars without modification to the instrument.

Wiring diagrams and mounting hardware are included to facilitate installation.

J-Bass is a registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

Wiring Diagrams