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KJams Tremolo


KJams Tremolo

The KJams Tremolo features output level control, true bypass, built-in tap switch, external tap switch input, external expression pedal input, and three program control pots. The pedal is based on the Spin FV-1 DSP chip. It is designed and assembled in Holland, Michigan, USA.

The Tremolo pedal has two programs, selectable by the toggle switch:
-Norm (down) – Tremolo with Speed, Depth, and Wave shape controls.
-Harm (up) – Harmonic Tremolo with Speed, Depth, and Wave shape controls. There is a crossover at 800 Hz; the high and low frequencies are alternated to create a vibrato-like modulation similar to early 60s Fender brown face amps.

-Bypass is a standard bypass/enable latching switch.
-Tap sets the speed of the Tremolo. Two taps set the speed. Tap just once and the speed will be set to the lowest.

-Speed sets the speed of the Tremolo.
-Depth set the depth of the Tremolo.
-Wave selects between four wave shapes: square, triangle, sawtooth up, and sawtooth down.
-Volume controls output level.

-In and Out jacks are standard mono, right to left.
-Tap acts exactly as the built-in tap. Use a standard normally open switch.
-Expression replaces the middle/lower control, Speed.

-Input power is standard center-negative 9VDC.
-Current draw is 62mA.
-The pedal is safe with higher voltages, up to 18VDC, but using higher voltages will not affect the sound, and we discourage using them.