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LAA Custom Germanium Fuzz MK2

LAA Custom

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LAA Custom Germanium Fuzz MK2

The Germanium Fuzz Mk.2 is our vision of what a FUZZ should be. Our goal was to solve some historical troubles of Fuzz like temperature drift, noise, not well defined low end. The Mk.2 is the perfect match for raw good old fuzz and nowadays stability and dynamic response.

Designed by Carlo Sorasio from a blank page, this is not a modified Fuzz Face Fuzz or derived from one. It is a limited series because we use only NOS components from our private stock. The transistor selected is the good GT308 from USSR and we want to pay homage to its origins with a Soviet-style graphic design.
The balance between the low end and high treble is very smooth, never too much on both side and the Fuzz control is fully usable for different flavor of dirty or boost. The output and the dirty of the Fuzz is very input sensitive, you can obtain an amazingly clean sparkly tone working on your guitar volume pot. The Germanium Fuzz work well also with mid output humbuckers and the best is to use it on a tube channel at break-up.
VERY IMPORTANT: Germanium transistor used in the Germanium Fuzz Mk.2 works with a positive ground, so you can use a standard 9VDC power supply BUT you should power it separated from the other pedals that use negative ground. Or, just use old 9V batteries, removing the input jack will preserve the battery and the current drain is very low, so battery has long life!