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Black Country Customs Steelpark Overdrive Boost

Black Country Customs

Black Country Customs Steelpark Overdrive Boost

The Black Country Customs Steelpark Boost is a versatile boost pedal to help you cut through and bring your sound to the front of the mix.


The Steelpark has impressive versatility and can be used many ways to create different sounds. At the most basic level, the Steelpark can be used to push the front end of your amp harder. You often get the best tones when doing this, you can use it with a clean amp for a warm, natural sounding overdrive, or run it into a higher gain amp for some harder, crunchier tones.

The Steelpark is also the perfect partner for gain pedals. Run it into the front of your overdrive or distortion for a more compressed, driven sound or place it after to ramp up the volume of your distorted sound.


With four control knobs and a 3-way mode switch, the Steelpark provides you with plenty of ways to dial in the perfect boost to suit your rig. Just with the 4 control knobs, you can shape the tone of the boost from its high and low-end, to its compression and distortion through to how hard you push the amp.

The 3-way mode selector can dramatically alter the sound in just the flip of the switch. In its middle position, you get no pre-boost, this is great for when you want to retain your clean sound and just need a volume boost to cut through the mix. Mode 1 is a pre-mid boost which is good for providing a warmer and thicker sound to the thinner pickups. Mode 2 is a pre-low mid boost which makes for a much fatter tone. This switch comes in very handy when you're swapping between guitars with different pickups or you need to play a variety of styles but don't want to keep fiddling with the controls.

About Black Country Customs Pedals

Black Country Customs is a range of pedals created by Laney Amplification. A big name in the amp world, Laney have been a British company since its founding in 1967. Laney are furthering this British tradition with their Black Country Customs pedals which are all handcrafted right here in the UK.

Each pedal is the result of hours of dedicated testing and listening and are constructed with high-quality components. Built to last, the Black Country Customs pedals are designed to provide you with high-quality sounds for a long time.