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Lehle Little Dual True-Bypass Dual amp switcher with LTHZ transformer


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 The Lehle Little Dual routes the signal via gold-plated switches to Outputs A or B. Outputs A and B can feed 2 different amps simultaneously, since the signal paths are electrically isolated by the Lehle LTHZ high end transformer – completely eliminating hum loops. Both inputs can be routed in stereo to Outputs A and B separately. In addition, the Lehle Little Dual also incorporates gold-plated phase-reverse and ground lift switches.

Technical Data:
Weight: 570 g (1 lb. 4 oz.)
Length: 3.9"
Width: 4.8"
Overall height: 1.9"
Voltage: 8-20V DC or AC
Current consumption: 55 mA


gold-plated relays & switches
Lehle LTHZ transformer
no hum loops

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