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Lehle P-Split II Second Generation


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 The Lehle P-Split II stands for "passive splitting" with maximum signal fidelity, making it possible to route an instrument to two amps simultaneously. The outputs are electrically isolated from one another by the Lehle LTHZ high end transformer, so hum loops are excluded from the start. The Lehle LTHZ transformer is specially designed for use with high-impedance signals, but also splits low-impedance signals with line levels cleanly and reliably. It provides the signal either balanced or unbalanced at the ISO output. In addition, the Lehle P-Split II also features phase-reversal and ground switches with gold-plated contacts, making it a passive high end DI Box for all signal types. Last but not least, the Lehle P-Split II features an ultra-compact design, assuring totally reliable functioning in the smallest possible housing.

Technical Data:
Weight: 420 g
Length: 9cm (3.5")
Width: 9,2cm (3.6")
Overall height: 3.7cm (1.5")
Max. Level 36 dBU
THD <1 % @ +18 dBU/ 40 Hz
Frequency resp. 30 Hz - 20 kHz -0.3/ +0.3 dB
(Source 600 Ohm, Load 1MOhm)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Download Lehle P-Split II Manual

gold-plated switches
Lehle LTHZ transformer
no hum loops