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Machine Head Pedals Code Green Fuzz NOS

Machine Head Pedals

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Machine Head Pedals Code Green Combine the sonic DNA of the best massive fuzz qualities of a Fuzz Face, Big Muff, and on-board sustain device, and you get the MHP Code Green. Bigger than the Muff, as fuzzy as any 'Face, with neck pickup tones that will sustain as long as you want.


The MHP Code Green goes beyond the Muff - way beyond. It will saturate as much as a Muff, but without the static distortion-like character or sucked out mids. The MHP Code Green features strong lower mids. You get a true "transistor only" fuzz tone that doesn't get lost in the mix.

The MHP Code Green goes beyond a Fuzz Face - way beyond. It has the "true fuzz" complex characteristics that you love, without the farts, flub, gating, or sputtering.

Featuring true bypass, entirely wired by hand with off-board jacks and pots, with a handmade overbuilt circuitboard.