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Machine Head Pedals Evelyn MK II NOS

Machine Head Pedals

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Machine Head Pedals Evelyn MK II The unique design of the MHP EVELYN MkII puts its performance beyond the pack of traditionally designed distortion pedals. It is voiced with slightly more lower midrange like modern higher gain amps (such as those by Soldano, Mesa, and the 5150 variations) to eliminate boomy upper mids or thin treble that some plex-voiced pedals can suffer from.


The MHP EVELYN MkII is different from most distortion pedals that simply recycle their design from a DS-1, Guv'nor, or Shredmaster. Those pedals tend to have a static 2-D tone because they use simple diodes to create all any audible distortion. The MHP EVELYN MkII cascades a mosfet transistor into a pair of twin stacked mosfet stages to give a super dynamic response that cleans up even with the gain maxed.

Featuring true bypass, entirely wired by hand with off-board jacks and pots, with a handmade overbuilt circuitboard.