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Machine Head Pedals Lightning Distortion NOS

Machine Head Pedals

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Machine Head Pedals Lightning A higher gain distortion pedal with twists that separate it from the same old tired thing. The MHP LIGHTNING limits compression even at it's highest gain setting, and features a chewy harmonic structure with grit that is free of thin metallic treble that plagues many other distortion pedals. It is capable of shifting from harmonic distortion with edge to modern fuzz with chop, all with a very modern and full bass structure. The sum of these parts separates it from masses of mid heavy shred-o-matic pedals that have become a dime a dozen.

The MHP LIGHTNING specifics:

  • Modern Voicing - uses EQ structures of modern higher gain amps and effects and combines them. It has no mid suck or mid hump, but it's own voice instead.
  • Gritty and Aggressive - emphasis on chewy crunch, when you need the edge and immediacy on the pick attack. Zero mid muffled oversaturation.
  • Exceptional Headroom - Keeps the chop on the notes, but keeps the treble pleasing. You can hit it as hard as you like and it will keep this core dynamic even at max gain.
  • Ample Bass - solid low end for modern high gain tones. Whack it with 7 strings, dropped tunings, bass guitar, open slide tunings - whatever you use, and the lower registers stay firmly anchored.