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Magnetic Effects Sandare

Magnetic Effects

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Magnetic Effects Sandare

(Formally known as the Satellite.)

The Sändare is a dynamic, low to medium gain Overdrive and Booster that retains the tonal characteristics of your guitar and amp. The perfect choice if you like the sound of your guitar and amp and are looking for a pedal to add a bit of organic drive or push your amp naturally into breakup

The High and Low controls can be configured for an even frequency response or used to smooth the top end and tighten up the low end. The High and Low controls are flexible and well balanced with a musical response.

The pedal responds well to variation in pick attack and settings of your guitars volume control.

While the Sändare offers great Overdrive tones it also excels as a Booster. It stacks well and can provide a great sounding boost. An internal voltage double circuit converts the power up to 18V which allows for plenty of headroom.


Volume, Gain, High and Low controls

High input impedance and low output impedance

Voltage doubler for increased headroom

Top mounted Jacks and DC socket

True Bypass switching

9V DC centre negative adapter operation