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Manea Digital Echo and Ping Pong Delay

Manea Effects

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Manea Digital Echo and Ping Pong DelayThe PT2399 delay chip is the cornerstone of most of the boutique digital delays.  The Digital Echo & Ping Pong Delay uses two PT2399 delay chips for double the delay time when it's in echo mode.  It has approximately 800ms of delay time in echo mode.  When in Ping Pong mode, the pedal has 400ms of total delay time.  Both the ping tap time and pong tap time are completely independent of each other.  So this means you have complete control over the speed of the echoes and the offset of each tap.   Has built in mechanical true bypass and switching connecting jack for 9vDC to 18vDC 2.5mm negative tip adapter that saves you money on batteries.  The higher voltage will give you more headroom.  If using battery power, only use a single 9vDC battery.