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Manea ESV 2-Knob Bender

Manea Effects

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Manea ESV 2-Knob Bender ESV (Extra Special Vintage) The highest quality and coolest looking vintage mojo parts - carbon comp resistors, Vishay aluminum electrolytic, and Mallory axial leaded film capacitors have been used.  But the heart and soul of any Tone bender is its transistors.   It is extraordinarily rare to find NOS components of both quality and quantity because over time they get sold, sorted through, put back on the shelf, sold, sorted through, put back on the shelf, and sold again, until you start scraping the bottom of the barrel. 

The transistors in the E.S.V. series 2-Knob Bender are the most exquisite examples of Philips OC75's.  They come from the original factory sealed boxes, untouched by human hands for nearly half a century.  This unique find is what inspired the E.S.V. series.  Each E.S.V. 2-Knob Bender comes with a hand selected set of transistors, all baring the same batch code.

So does any of this actually produce a superior sounding pedal?  Tone is such a subjective thing but although the parts cost a little more, if you don't mind paying a little more for the very best, then you will not be disappointed with this E.S.V. series 2-Knob Bender.  Built in mechanical true bypass and switching connecting jack for 9vDC 2.5mm negative tip adapter that saves you money on batteries.