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Matthews Effects The Architect V2

Matthews Effects

Matthews Effects The Architect V2

The Architect takes a lot of inspiration from a certain mythical pedal but like everything I do at Matthews Effects i'm only interested in doing things in a new and exciting way! I didn't want to just create a clone especially since the KTR is a current production pedal and really if you want a klon clone you should just buy a real klon.

I wanted to created something for people like me who were not happy with the original design and I feel we have improved it in the best ways possible.  

We've kept the gain structure the same even using original NOS germanium diodes like the ones used in the original gold klon but also expanding your tonal options with other clipping options. 

The final product is something that takes you farther than you were expecting and something unique in its own right.

Features of the V2

-Active 3 band eq
-3 clipping options
-Soft Touch Relay True Bypass
Active 3-Band Eq

The EQ section though now has a full 3 band baxandall tone stack that lets you cut or boost the Bass, Mid's and Treble giving you way more control over the tone and shape of your drive. 
Its still running internally at 18v for the best possible head room and clarity

 3 clipping options

You have the option between 3 different clipping options to give you 3 different colors of gain which helps you dial in the Architect to work great with any guitar or amp combination you are using.

-Diode LIft

 Soft Touch Relay True Bypass

We have introduced a soft touch relay controlled true bypass. Where as the original was buffered bypass we decided to go a more a true bypass route to fully control what is touching your guitar signal.