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Maxon OD-9 Pro+ Overdrive Maxon OD-9 Pro Plus Overdrive


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 The Maxon OD-9 Pro+ Overdrive is an evolved version of the OD9. In BOOST mode, an added mode switch (BOOST/NORMAL) provides smooth and pure tube sound by reducing high and low ranges and boosting mid-range. In NORMAL mode, the OD9Pro+ enhances the OD9's fat and natural scream sound.

The Maxon OD9Pro+ uses a stabilized DC-DC voltage converter to bump 9 volts (plus and minus 4.5 volts) up to 18 volts (plus and minus 9 volts). Operating voltage is switchable via an internal DIP switch accessible through the unit’s battery compartment. OD9Pro+ can also be used at 9 volts (plus and minus 4.5 volts). Stable sound is constantly available regardless of selected voltage.

True Bypass switching using 4PDT switch lets your instrument’s signal pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amp with direct, unaltered signal from your instrument.

Easy-access, no tools battery compartment.


Input Impedance: 500K ohm
Output Impedance: 10k Ohm
Maximum Gain: NORMAL 43dB (1.5Hz)
BOOST 46dB (1kHz)
Equivalent Input Noise -116 dB or less (IHF-A)
Residual Noise: DRIVE, TONE, LEVEL
BOOST/Normal switch
18V (±9V)/9V(±4.5V) switch
Operating Voltage 18V (±9V)/9V(±4.5V)
Power Consumption 35mA/9V, 32mA/10V at operating voltage 18V (±9V)
27mA/9V, 27mA/10V at operating voltage 9V (±4.5V)
Switch: Normal/Effect (true bypass configuration w/4PDT switch)
Power Supply: 6F22 9V Manganese dry cell battery x1 or Maxon AC adaptor
Dimensions: 2.9" (W) x 4.9" (D) x 2.1" (H) -
74 mm (W) x 124 mm (D) x 54 mm (H)
Weight (w/o battery): 20.5 oz
Accessories: 9V Manganese dry cell battery, User's Manual, Warranty Card

Specifications subject to change without notice.