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Maxon VJR-9 Vintage Jet Riser


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 The Maxon Vintage Jet Riser VJR-9 is a contemporary version of the legendary Jetlyzer JL-70 from the 1970s. It employs a state-of-the-art jet sound generator. Internally generated jet signals are processed in VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier) and VCF (voltage-controlled filter) and then mixed with the source signal from your guitar. The jet sound is generated through an analog flanger circuit using BBD (bucket brigade device) and high-performance NR (noise reduction).

The VJR-9 can produce a wide range of effects, including a heavy/deep jet sound and chorus-like tremolo. The jet sound can be turned on and off by using an external footswitch (not included). The VJR-9 can be used as a flanger when the jet sound is off.

The VJR-9 employs a DC to DC converter circuit and an internal voltage stabilization circuit, which means that battery voltage drop and voltage fluctuations from an external AC power supply should not affect the sound quality and function.

High-performance NR (which consists of RMS level sensor and high-definition VCA) provides high dynamic range with low noise. Clean flanging effect without distortion is available with high headroom.