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Menatone Red Snapper 4 knob Point To Point


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Menatone Red Snapper 4 knob Point To Point

This is the circuit that started it all for Menatone.  Although the Menatone "Red" pedal launched in 1996 it was not until NAMM show of 1998 that the Red Snapper made its debut.  This Custom Shop version is point to point wired with the same parts as the original, and has the same font and fish graphic.  The only difference is that it is now in a smaller enclosure.  All the fun in a smaller footprint... how great is that?

The Fat Fish and Skinny Fish 3 knob version are the same circuit,  just different graphics.  The 4 Knob version adds the 'Hi Cut" control for more fine tuning of the treble frequencies after the gain circuit