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Mojo Hand FX Octaverse Reverse Octave Delay

Mojo Hand FX

Mojo Hand FX Octaverse Reverse Octave Delay

The Octaverse is a dedicated reverse octave delay with a selectable High or Low octave. Functions that were previously available only on some high priced multi function delays are now easily attainable with this simple pedal design. The Octaverse adds a new pedal twist to the tools of any ambient musician!

-The octave pushbutton selects whether the delay is an octave up or an octave down. 
-Mix controls the dry/wet ratio of the delay. Fully left is dry (no delay), fully right is 100% wet. 
-Rate adjusts the delay time. 
adjusts the amount of repeats. At the maximum setting, there is a near-infinite amount of repeats without self-oscillation that slowly fades out over several minutes. This makes it easy to dial in lengthy textures and pads that are easily controllable. 

Additional Info/Power:
-True Bypass
-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included). No 9v battery connector. 
-Current draw: ~70mA