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Mojo Hand FX Park Theatre Reverb/Delay

Mojo Hand FX

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Mojo Hand FX Park Theatre Reverb/Delay

The Park Theatre pedal isn’t simply a reverb/ delay combo, it is carefully voiced to simulate the sound you would get hear when playing in a theatre type of space, and we feel it succeeds nicely! Choose the room size and reflection you like, and everything is possible from a very short doubling effect to a long sustaining hall (we did add a little extra range for you ambient fans).

$50 from the sale of each and every Park Theatre pedal goes towards helping to preserve the Park Theatre and by doing so supports local music.

Thanks for helping out, we are confident you will love this pedal!  

Echo: Single knob controls delay time and the amount of repeats. Far left disengages the echo. Bring it up a bit and you get a quick slap back with 1-2 repeats. Beyond 11 o'clock it takes on a longer delay time with more repeats. Maxes out at about 365ms of delay time (think of the longer delay times on "classic" delay pedals) with 5-6 repeats which adds great dimension to ambient textures and guitar solos.
Space: Adjusts the reverberation time. Decay ranges from a medium hall to lush, near-infinite ambiance that a space cadet would enjoy. By default, the reverb has some predelay to give it some separation from the dry signal. The "feeling" of the reverb is very interactive with where the Echo knob is set, especially in the slapback region. 
Mix: Dry/wet blend. Dry signal stays at the same level from far left to noon, gradually bringing in the wet signal. From noon to max, the dry signal is reduced and the wet signal smoothly takes over. 

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
-Current draw: ~70mA