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Mooer Pitch Box Harmony/Pitch Shifting


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Mooer Pitch Box Harmony/Pitch Shifting

The Mooer Pitch Box brings you clean, precise, polyphonic pitch shifting, in a small package. The Pitch Box features 3 modes (Harmony, Pitch Shift and Detune). Harmony mode shifts the pitch and blends it with the original signal, to create the desired harmony. Pitch Shift mode gives you a precisely pitch shifted note, based on the set interval. Detune mode slightly shifts the pitch and mixes it back with the original note; this creates an, almost, chorus-like effect. The Mooer Pitch Box features a 2 Octave up/down pitch range.

Mode Switch harmony, pitch shift, detune
Pitch adjust the range of the pitch shifting sound
Power Supply external power supply 9V (center minus plug)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 93.5 x 42 x 52mm
Weight 170g
Switching True Bypass
Model Mooer Pitch Box