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Mooer Reverie Chorus


Mooer Reverie Chorus

Mooer Reverie Chorus has five different chorus effects each with ten special pedal modes, parameter storage function with 5 presets, two-channel stereo inputs and outputs, and a tap tempo function can easily change the speed. The five effect modes are chorus, rotary, ambiance, shimmer, and multiple. There are 8 modulation effects that can be added in each mode. Control each chorus effect with RATE, DEPTH, and MIX knobs; control each modulation effect with SPEED, RANGE, and MOD DEPTH knobs.

Chorus Modes:

  • Chorus: standard digital chorus effect, clear and round.
  • Rotary: classic rotary sound, output by dual track, will give you the special 3D experience.
  • Ambiance: the atmosphere of chorus, with light chorus effect, is more exquisite and more spacious.
  • Shimmer: adding shimmer effect to chorus, more fits for the edgy music style like psychedelic rock.
  • Multiple: multiple chorus effects repeatedly overlays multi-chorus, which makes the chorus effects richer.

Modulation Effects:

  • Wah : wah effect
  • Phaser: phaser effect
  • Talk: vocal wah effect
  • Tremolo: tremolo effect
  • Stutter: square tremolo effect
  • St.Wah: combo of square tremolo and wah tone
  • St.Phaser: combo of square tremolo and phaser
  • Tr.Talk: combo of tremolo effect and wah
Speed control speed of Mod effect
Range/Tone Range/Tone of Mod effect
Mod Depth depth of Mod effect
Rate rate of Chorus effect
Depth depth of Chorus effect
MIX ratio of Chorus effect
Mod Mode select type of Mod effect
Chorus Mode select type of Chorus
Relation/Variable change rate of effect
Store store user sound to preset
Status Select preset
Power AC adapter 9V DC, 130mA (center minus plug)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 106 x 96 x 53mm
Weight 450g
Switching True Bypass
Model Mooer Audio Reverie Chorus