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Mooer Varimolo Digital Tremolo Pedal


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Mooer Varimolo Digital Tremolo Pedal

Perhaps a more appropriate to name would be “psychedelic”. Yes, we are talking about the tremolo effect. From the hippies' love and peace 60's, to small pub blues, to the wild and untamed indie rock, you can find the tremolo effect throughout countless classic albums.

Varimolo is an excellent digital tremolo pedal for guitarists. Like other Mooer Micro series pedals, Varimolo has a mini size while at the same time a great tone. RATE/SHAPE/DEPTH knobs provide a great variety of adjustment options to NORMAL/FILTER/VARIABLE tremolo modes. The SHAPE knob can adjust the LFO wave shape from triangle to square. With RATE/DEPTH knobs, you can get a warm and smooth vintage tube sounding tremolo effect, a wild and intensive tremolo effect or even a kill switch type of staccato tremolo effect similar to a flying helicopter.

In addition to NORMAL mode which provides a classic tremolo sound. Varimolo is also equipped with two new tremolo modes.

  • FILTER : A tremolo effect like an autowah effect;
  • VARIABLE : A tremolo effect which has rhythmic variations.
3 Way Switch normal / filter / variable
Rate adjusts rate
Shape adjust smoothness
Depth adjust depth
Power Supply external 9V (center minus plug)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 93.5 x 38 x 49.5mm
Weight 170g
Switching True Bypass
Model Mooer Audio Varimolo