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Morgan Amps Fuzz

Morgan Amps

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Morgan Amps Fuzz

Product Overview

The Morgan Fuzz pedal was developed for players that don’t like fuzz pedals! One of the tricks to making a fuzz pedal sound good is to use an amplifier that is already at the brink of overdrive. This allows the fuzz to take the amp into clipping making the glorious sounds we all know from so many of our favorite recordings. The heart of the Morgan Fuzz pedal is a discrete silicon transistor that is fed into a clipping circuit that simulates the front end of an amp nearly driven into overdrive. This combination delivers that fat thick fuzz, even into the cleanest of amplifiers. One of the best parts about this type of circuit is its ability to clean up with the guitars volume control or by just lightening up your pick attack.

Product Specs

• Silicon based clipping fuzz
• Hand selected discrete components
• Cleans up amazingly with your guitars volume control
• True bypass
• Hand Built in Los Angeles, CA

Product Dimensions

4.37 x 2.37 x 1.07