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Nux Mod Core Deluxe


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Nux Mod Core Deluxe

NUX Mod Core Deluxe

Mod Core Deluxe is a fully-featured pro-quality modulation effects pedal.  Add-in Rate and Depth controls to adjust main parameters and Tweak control to manipulate key parameters for each effect, and you get more tone-shaping options than you’ll ever find in a modulation pedal. It has 8 modulation effects with 2 types of algorithms fitting every musician's needs for sound improvement and colorization. 

Overall look on all the effects and Tweak Knob

Normal Mode                ​Deluxe Mode                                       Tweak Knob
Chorus                           Tri-Chorus                                             Blend
Flanger                           Tape Flanger                                        Feedback
Phaser                            8-Stage Phaser                                    Feedback
Tremolo                          Optical Tremolo                                    Width
Pan                                 Pan with Hi-Lo Cut                               Width
Rotary                             Rotary w/ Speaker Cab Sim                Bass Speaker and Horn Level Balance
U-Vibe (Chorus)              U-Vibe (Vibrato)                                   Volume
Vibrato                            Vibrato (Momentary Control)                Volume

Stereo Connection
It has Stereo Inputs and Outputs for a better experience and flexible routing, you can use Mod Core Deluxe in any effect chains with different connection methods.

Tone Lock Function 
T-Lock is a physical dead-man switch designed to protect your parameter tweaks during your performance.

New update for Mod Core Deluxe is now available to download. Check the support page.

What’s new on the Mod Core Deluxe V2 Update?

  • Chorus (Normal)                Analog Chorus
  • Chorus (Deluxe)                 Dual-Delay Line Chorus
  • Phaser (Normal)                 Improved algorithm of four stages all pass filter
  • Phaser (Deluxe)                 Improved algorithm of eight stages all pass filter
  • U-Vibe (Normal)                 Improved algorithm of vibe with dynamic LFO and phase sweep
  • U-Vibe (Deluxe)                 Improved algorithm of vibe with dynamic LFO and phase sweep