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Old Blood Noise Endeavors OBNE BL44 Reverse Variable Clock Reverser

Old Blood Noise

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors OBNE BL44 Reverse Variable Clock Reverser

Actively contending with the existential construct of“time,” Old Blood Noise Endeavors presents the BL-44 Reverse pedal, a reverse effect that allows the user to change the clock speed of the entire sonic system. Through a simple control set, sounds ranging anywhere from lively harmony to faded memory can be achieved. The BL-44 is a true reverse effect,always reading backwards what the player has most recently played, but with added depth and harmony from the interaction of the Clock slider and Speed knob. It aims for an immediate and tactile experience that encourages the player to keep their
thumb on the slider and experiment.
BL-44 Features:
- Clock slider to change the effect from fast and fidelitous to slow and degraded
- Speed knob to change the read speed of the reverse effect, creating the
impression of octave down, fifth down, fourth down, unison, fourth up, fifth
up, or octave up sounds
- Soft touch footswitch to engage or bypass the effect
- Mix control to set dry/wet mix
- Volume control to set overall volume
- 9V DC power
BL-44 Reverse will be available November 25th, 2022 for $179 USD directly from Old
Blood Noise Endeavors at oldbloodnoise.com and at participating dealers worldwide.
The art of BL-44 Reverse was created by Brandy M. Patterson of New Hampshire, USA
Old Blood Noise Endeavors began in 2014 in a backyard shed in Norman, Oklahoma. Starting with the
Black Fountain Oil Can Delay, their lineup now includes 26 devices, not only to help musicians explore
previously unheard sounds but to tackle utilitarian tasks like cable routing. Their goal is to create
innovative designs to inspire all creatives to find and use their own unique voice.