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One Control BJF Sea Turquoise Delay

One Control

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One Control BJF Sea Turquoise Delay OC-STQ


The SEA TURQUOLISE DELAY is an incredible

versatile delay pedal with a delay time up to

600ms. It is safe to say that this is one of the

most adaptable delay pedals on the market

due to BJF's innovativeness and circuit design

Bjorn's Description:

Delay pedals come in all forms. From complex to

overly simplified. With the SEA TURQUOLISE DELAY,

myself and One Control have managed to simplify the

controls while maintaining the versatility and quality

of much desired delay pedal.

The SEA TURQUOLISE DELAY has only three controls and a

switch. The Level controls the output of the pedal and

therefore the volume of the echo. The Delay controls

the delay time, from doubling to 600 mS. The

Feedback controls depth of the echo. Finally. the Kill

Dry switch on the side of the pedal determines

whether the dry signal is present at output. This

switch is useful when using mixing consoles and PA

Systems where you may only require the effect for

depth of sound and ambiance. The SEA TURQUOLISE

DELAY is also extremely quiet, making it useful in the

studio as well as in live situations.

Like all One Control Effects pedals, the SEA TURQUOISE

DELAY is housed in a machined and anodized compact

aluminium case, with only the highest quality

components inside to assure years of trouble free use.

- Bjorn Juhl