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One Control BJF Sea Turquoise Delay

One Control

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One Control BJF Sea Turquoise Delay

Sea Turquoise Delay is the delay becomes unique among the existing delay. 
Even though a delay tone clear as crystal clear sound in digital delay earlier technology did not exist, and why the Sea Turquoise Delay sound fi the sound like vintage "echo". 

Digital delay too clearly, it draws too much attention during may interfere with play and feel. However Sea Turquoise Delay delay sound is overwhelming clear, clear tone, while always "Lord" in the play evokes, in a "subordinate". 
A unique texture, such as the sea Turquoise Delay delay sound, even where clear water is just "high fidelity" only so don't delay tone shaping. 

Can confirm the F.Back knob to high by setting not only just clear of the sea Turquoise Delay sound. 
No matter how clear waters, even to the deep light is cast. Change the shape to a Lo-fisound like chopped out sea Turquoise Delay can make repeat delay indefinitely to infinity, but the overlap repeat over and over again continues to decay slowly, slowly, and after a few hours at the end. 
Things are not just playing the audio input, add just a slight sound damping to sound natural, realistic presence. This is the moment gets dumb BJF IMTS. 

Output as sound, also together with the strain without quality characteristics, but also clean signal delay strongly too. exquisite have three-dimensional sound. Create an effect that makes you feel that to shorten the delay time is followed by the spectacular space. Sea Turquoise Delay this is supremely simple, compact delay pedal is in the vast world out there. 
In addition, maximum was adjusted so that 1:01 sound and the delay LEVEL control can further delay level. Can be set freely want delay level and from a faint reverberation corresponds to the various ways to play a tricky. 

You can make a creative sound and leave ON sea Turquoise Delay with DELAY control to change the delay time. A chaotic bid especially F.BACK the move to DELAY the beautiful space to it, such as distorted suddenly enjoy the sound. 
Like the doubling delay if DELAY is low you can set very short delay. You can make the F.BACK intact, and followed by continuous sounds, such as glitches and tremolo sound. 

Sea Turquoise Delay, as delay is made in a special structure. A heidynamics range of catch all of the input sound and responsive is a delay pedal. On the sound have high noise levels, are produced. 
Able to use in their infinite repeat forever Sea Turquoise Delay is stuck to the truebypasswitching effect OFF when no signal delay. 
To reverse the effect ON when muted delay signal and be invited into the new world of space gradually delay is added to the signal. 

Also, Sea Turquoise Delay and then consider using, such as in the parallel FX loop, features child Li switch. 

, Crystal-clear sound delay pedal features. 
And delay dreams once in technical 
Unique texture does not disturb the play with clear, unambiguous 
High quality mini-sized case of machined aluminum 
-Built-in battery can 
And truebypasswitching 

Delay time: 20 ~ 550 ms 
Reducing impedance: 500 K 
Output in pie dance: 2 K 
Voltage: 7 to 12 V 
Current consumption: 80 mA @ 9V 
S/n ratio:-86 dB 
Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding protrusions) 
    47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protrusions) 
Weight: approximately 160 grams (battery insert: 200 g) 
* Battery not included.